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Henan Yibo Technology Co., Ltd. Is professional hydraulic hose manufacture, a national high-tech enterprise, and a new three-board-listed company. The company is located in the Shaoling District of Luohe City. It was established in November 2008 with registered capital of 50.6 million yuan. It now has an annual production capacity of 18 million standard meters of hydraulic hoses. The company specialized in the research and development and manufacture of hydraulic hoses. The main products are wire spiral/ wire braid hose, ultra high-pressure hose, with high bearing capacity, small bending radius, strong fatigue resistance, good pulse performance and long service life. Used in engineering machinery, transportation, metallurgical casting, oil drilling, mining and various hydraulic type machinery.

The company has advanced production and testing equipment, international advanced Korea automatic wire spiral production line, Italy Bimal impulse test stand; domestic advanced high-speed steel wire braiding machine, cold feed extruder. At the same time, the company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development. It has established cooperative relations with Zhengzhou University, Institute of Chemistry of Henan Academy of Science and Qingdao University of Science and Technology. It has a provincial engineering technology research center with a high standard laboratory and has a professional technical team.

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The company is committed to providing the most cost-effective products and assembly solutions. Over the years, Yibo has mastered more than 47 patents and a number of provincial scientific and technological achievements and has the core technology of the industry. The partners include “Yongmei Group”, “CIMC Group”, “Heli Forklift”, “Hangzhou Forklift”, “Xinyuan Heavy Industry”, “Feilong Heavy Industry”, “Starlight Agricultural Machinery”. At the same time, products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and other countries and regions.

After years of development, the company has been rated as an innovative pilot enterprise in Henan Province, a national high-tech enterprise, a civilized and honest enterprise in Henan Province, a scientific and technological small giant cultivation enterprise in Henan Province, a science and technology small and medium enterprise in Henan Province, and a Henan Patent Award of the third prize, the outstanding non-publicized and long-established enterprises in Henan Province, and the hydraulic hose engineering recognition from all walks of society and customers.

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