How To Classify High Pressure Hose Specifications


High pressure hoses are used for the transport of petroleum-based (e.g. mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil) and water-based liquids (e.g. emulsion, oil-water emulsion, water) with certain pressure and temperature in the hydraulic system of mines, oil field development, engineering and construction, lifting and transportation, metallurgy and forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and various industrial sectors mechanization and automation. ) and liquid transmission pipelines.
High pressure hose is mainly divided into high pressure steel wire braided hose and high pressure steel wire wound hose according to the production process.
Steel wire braided hose:
The structure of the high pressure steel wire braided hose is mainly composed of the inner rubber layer of liquid resistant synthetic rubber, the middle rubber layer, the Ⅰ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ steel wire braided layers, and the outer rubber layer of weather resistant synthetic rubber.

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Steel wire wound hose:
The structure of high pressure steel wire wound hose mainly consists of an inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, four or more layers of alternately wound steel wire reinforced layers and an outer rubber layer.

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Steel wire woven and steel wire wound products are not only different in process, but also in specific use and some specification models:
1.Wire weave specification range: DN5mm ~ DN102mm.
Working temperature: oil -40℃~100℃, air -30℃~50℃, water emulsion +80℃ below. Generally applied to low and medium pressure use environment
2.Wire winding hose specification range: DN6mm ~ DN305mm, working temperature: -40℃ ~ 120℃
Often applied to higher pressure working conditions, high resistance to working pressure up to 70-120Mpa 3, steel wire winding types.
4SP type – four layers of steel wire winding medium pressure hose.
4SH type – four layers of steel wire winding high pressure hose.
R12 type-four-layer steel wire winding high-temperature medium-pressure oil hose under harsh conditions.
Type R13-Multi-layer steel wire-wound high-temperature high-pressure hoses for severe conditions.
R15 type-multi-layer steel wire winding high-temperature ultra-high-pressure oil hose under harsh conditions
3.The common executive standards of high-pressure hose are MT/T98-2006 “Inspection specification for hydraulic support hose and hose assembly
GB/T3683-2011 “rubber hose and hose assembly oil-based or water-based fluid use of steel wire braid reinforced hydraulic type specification”, “mining product safety mark inspection specification”, GB/T10544-2013 “steel wire wrap reinforced rubber covered hydraulic rubber hose and hose assemblies”.
Hose is one of the important articulation parts in modern industrial equipment and construction machinery, and is very commonly used in hydraulic systems. Technical advice on the purchase of high-pressure hose, the correct choice of hose, related to the entire hydraulic system can work properly.

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