Innovative training models to help employees grow and promote enterprise development


In order to comprehensively improve the professional skills and quality of the company’s employees and enhance their ability to use their skills for learning and work, the company has established a cooperative relationship with Luohe Institute of Technology since August 6, 2021 to implement a new apprenticeship training program to solve the bottleneck of the shortage of skilled personnel in the enterprise. training was launched in November 2021, taking online training, offline training, practical training and other training methods. Fully integrated with the actual work, explain the skills knowledge and safety knowledge, guide the staff on-site hands-on operation, realize the efficient combination of theory and practice, and comprehensively improve the staff’s skill level and personnel quality.

The new apprenticeship training mechanism is well organised and arranged by both the school and the enterprise, the curriculum is reasonable, the teacher’s teaching level is high, in the training process, the employees are full of spirit, listen carefully, and actively answer the questions asked by the teacher, the employees who participated in the training all think that such training activities are practical, effective and gain a lot, they will cherish this training opportunity, and apply the knowledge learned to the actual work. In the next step, the company will take this opportunity to continue to broaden the training field, establish and improve the skills of talents and comprehensive quality, stimulate the work initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and inspire them to progress in practice and grow in the struggle.

Training is a guarantee for companies to get talented people and is the way to get good employees. Training improves the performance of employees and enables companies to save on management costs. This is not only in the process of production and operation due to the improvement of the quality of technical personnel, optimising production and operation programmes, ensuring safety, improving quality and reducing costs, but also in the improvement of efficiency due to the improvement of staff’s working ability, which brings about a reduction in costs and promotes the development of the enterprise.

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