Warm Congratulations To Our Company For Winning The Bid For The Daqing Oilfield Rubber Pipe Tender Project


Recently, Daqing Oilfield Materials Co., Ltd. has launched an open tender for the procurement of rubber pipes required by secondary units in the oilfield. Our company actively organized personnel, completed the preparation of bidding documents through the unity and cooperation of various departments, high efficiency and high quality, and obtained two “withholding hose assembly” and “high pressure oil hose” in the public bidding of this project. The winning bid for each section. This bid win fully reflects our company’s technical strength and service level, further proves our company’s competitive advantage in the same industry, and also lays a solid foundation for our company to open up the market.news 8

This is the second time that our company has won the bid in the bidding of large enterprise groups in the past six months. At the end of November 2021, Xugong Group held a public bidding for a batch of rubber hoses, and our company also successfully won the recognition and won the bid.news8 1
As we all know, Daqing Oilfield and Xugong Group are both excellent and well-known domestic enterprises. Being able to obtain their recognition and provide products and services is also an important achievement of our company in the development process in recent years, which proves that the company has strong strength in the industry.
With the increasingly fierce market competition, the company will continue to improve product quality, strengthen innovation and research and development, and improve its market reputation and competitiveness. In the later stage, our company will make persistent efforts and actively participate in the bidding projects of major well-known enterprises.

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