What is the meaning of the words hydraulic hose 602 1001 W.P. 25.6Mpa on hydraulic hoses?


602 mining steel wire braided hydraulic rubber hose, also known as the national standard steel wire braided hose.
602, is the national standard 602 type
1001, is the inner diameter of 10mm, 1 layer of steel wire braid, the same reason if 1002, is 2 layers of steel wire braid, 1003, is 3 layers of steel wire braid
W.P. is the abbreviation of working pressure, Working Pressure
25.6Mpa is the working pressure value of this type of hose


With a description of the national standard 602 mining type steel wire braided hose:
Tube:Oil resistant synthetic rubber
Reinforcement:1、2 or 3 high tensile steel wire braid
Cover:Black smooth or black corrugated,weather and abrasion resistant synthetic rubber
Safety Factor:2.5:1
Application:Transmit high pressure mineral oil,water-base hydraulic oil and water for hydraulic machinery
Temperature Range:-40℃~+100℃(-40℉~+212℉)

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